5 differences between IJMB AND JUPEB PROGRAMME

ijmb and jupeb are two similar programme and the benefit of both programmes is related to the 200 level admission opportunity.
both ijmb and jupeb result holder can apply for direct entry in Nigeria institution
5 differences between IJMB AND JUPEB PROGRAMME

1) OWNERSHIP: IJMB is owned by ahmadu bello universit zaria ABU and it was founded to cater for the needs of those frustrated with jamb examination.
ijmb has been accpted and run in many other institutions in Nigeria, however only ABU can issue result to all students.

JUPEB : it is own and pionnered by university of lagos unilag and the birth of jupeb was after the existence of ijmb.
unilag jupeb is fast gaining populary is the south east and the south west and unilag also frown at unapproved and illegal centres.
both ijmb and jupeb result can be used for direct entry.

2) EXAMINATION: ijmb exam is conduct once in a year and the exam hold between february and march.
the examination take minimum of 14 days and mazimum of 4 weeks for completion.
ijmb exam exam is not as diffiult as speculated and any candidates with the appropriate preparation will come out with a good grade,
the total point for ijmb is 15 points.

prior to the establishment of jupeb by university of lagos, the jupeb exam is conducted once in a year and it is always slated for june/july every year.
only centres accreditted and approved by unilag will be able to conduct the exam. it takes 2 months for all results to be released.

3) REGISTRATION: The registration fee of both ijmb and jupeb difffers and the reason for this is not a rocket scinece, it quite obvious that both are owned and managed by different institutions in Nigeria.
as of today the ijmb registration fees is 5000 only while jupeb registration fees is 15,000 only
There is possibily of price change later in the future and it will be made known on this website.
thousands of Admission seeker obtain ijmb form on yearly basis to put an end to admission dificulties.

4) ACCEPTABILTY : The acceptability of both jupeb and ijmb varies from one state to the other and a school that accept ijmb may not accept jupeb and vice versa.
however both are accepted for direct entry admission.
There is also a rivalry between unilag and abu on the two programmes.
abu will not accpt jupeb and unilag will not accept ijmb.

5) SCHOOL FEES: ijmb tuition fees is cheaper and affordable and candidates or parent that is concerned with the finance involved can go for IJMB.

for enquiry and registration procedure call 07063823924